Our Goal

At GFPharma we want promote quality supplements that do not cost exponentially more than they are worth, all too often the BIG BRANDS hold 90% sales 100% sales and so on, whey can do this because the markup on their products is so vast, and it is this way because the water the products down with cheap ingredients like BCAA's to boost the protein content without it actually being of any benefit to you the consumer.

Take a look at our range and the ingredients, there is nothing there that you don't need and in fact a lot of stuff you do need included instead of creating bundles to get more money from you, we are happy to discuss any of our products just send us a message or an email and we will talk.

FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on orders over £40

All Supplements currently benefit from FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders over £40 average delivery times between 3 to 5 days.

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Extreme Pump Pre-Workout gave me a boost even when I was tired, and you can really feel the extra pump!

Chris Watts, Salford

80% Diet Whey tastes nice and is easy to digest, also has good amount of protein per serving.

Rebecca, York

Best tasting protein I have had, stacks up against the top names for ingredients and quality.

R Howarth

At last a protein that tastes good and the quality is consistent, I have been let down that many times by "cheap Brands" I was surprised when gfpharma delivered quality at the price they do.

Renquist Stafford

Dieting for a show is not easy and no amount of pills will do it for you, but the Fat Metabolisers did help me through dieted workouts as well as helping burn off the last little stubborn pockets of fat!

Mick Davies, Doncaster