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GFP Protein Supplements

GFP Protein supplements are made to the highest industry standards, this ensures that you only get the best supplement without wasting money on unnecessary ingredients, formulated to taste delicious without the need for an excess of sugar, we strive to provide the best support for your training goals.

Not everybody can eat six or eight meals a day, for the majority of us it is just not practical, GFP protein supplements ensure that your schedule does not get in the way of your fitness or Bodybuilding goals. 


Creatine for added strength and endurance

Creatine can improve health and athletic performance in several ways.

In high-intensity exercise, its primary role is to increase the phosphocreatine stores in your muscles.

The additional stores can then be used to produce more ATP, which is the key energy source for heavy lifting 


Performance Boosting Pre-workout

Often just loaded with Caffiene and Ephedra, Pre-workouts have gained some negative press, the product has to provide more benefit than simply feeling agitated and shaky right?

Damn straight! 

GFP Pre-workout powder provides all the ingredients that have been proveed benefivcial during an intense training session, from the vasodilation properties of Citrulline Malate and Alpha-keto Glutarate to the concentration boost from Caffeine and Taurine, with the added benefit of shuttling a powerful Amino Acid Matrix into every muscle fiber, GFP Pre-workout helps you get  the job done.


Our Ethos

We at GFP strive to provide the best quality products at the best prices with the best advice in the industry, using a smaller more directed range as opposed to bombarding customers with a huge range of expensive products and little guidance as to the benefits, whatever your sport or goal we are confident that GFP products can assist you in your pursuit.

Extreme pump pre-workout is exactly that, very impressed!

Max, Leeds

Been using Fat Metabolisers for over two weeks and really feel the difference, combined with diet I can highly recommend

Rebecca, London

Diet Whey is awesome value for money and the chocolate flavour tastes great! 

Dave, Manchester

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