Question: Why only single vendor on your site ?

Answer: Ultimately we are promoting our own products because we know what goes into the research and the production of those products, at GFPharma we believe that we offer the best quality at a realistic price.


Question: Can I get a trade account ?

Answer: Yes please contact us for any further information, we are more than happy to sell our products to the trade.

Question: Do you have an affiliate program ?

Answer: Yes we do, currently we offer a discount code that you can apply for to be used on your social media accounts, the value you can offer to your followers is dependent on the exposure you give the brand of course but we have tiers all the way to 30% off.

 Question: It says that my discount code is not accepted?

Answer: Make sure that you enter a valid email in the email / phone number box on the order page.

Question: Do you ship to the United States?

Answer: Unfortunately we currently do not be we are hoping to in the near future, keep checking back, we should have it going soon.