State of Mind

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State of Mind

"It's all state of mind"

How many times have you heard those very words and sat and thought "well I want to succeed but maybe I don't want it enough" or felt that you are not doing enough to reach your goals.


The problem here is that social media has proliferated a billion copy cats all trying to cash in on the success and fame of those that went before to make their millions, and so the same tired message keeps getting rolled out over and over again but with a different face.

If, however the message had stayed pure and accurate, even the lazy profiteering of these so called Guru's would actually have some benefit, but like a game of chinese whispers it has gotten diluted and changed to the point that it is now just three words "State of MInd".

A Comparison

The is a saying that "Blood is thicker than water" and it is used in daily interaction to suggest that family ties are stronger than friends or acquaintances or ties formed out of the biological family circle,

Proliferated because it sounds cool to say it is in common use, but is actually wrong, the saying paraphrases the original "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb"  meaning the exact opposite of the common usage.

Damage Being Done

It would seem that we are obsessed with our devices, phones, tablets and to a lesser extent PC's to the point where we believe everything that comes from them, we are a people that have come from generations of trusting media that is printed or broadcast struggling to deal with a world where this capability is in the hands of everybody, and there is no censorship.

Problem is the vast majority of these are just trying to gain fame, fortune or both, and they really do not care about the message or the damage that can be done.

Understand the Danger

Just because a person in gym shorts, or lycra workout gear tells you to do something is actually more reason to question the advice than to comply,

Look at the people that are giving this information, are they rich? are they in super shape? what does the advice sound like?

At best you can end up hurting yourself with the latest crossfit variation designed to get you to follow their page so their sponsors pay them more money, at worst you could end up in a pit of depression feeling like the fault must lie with you and not with any environmental factors around you,

Consider all advice with caution, even mine, think about it first, does it make sense? how has the giver of the advice proved that they have used the knowledge the claim to have to better their lives or build the body of their dreams, if they have then consider further, would what they are saying work for you?


Unique Selling Point, that is what they are all trying to achieve, with that and the global reach of the internet they can become millionaires, and who wouldn't want to be a millionaire? the internet is full of these people from fitness through to investing, and the damage that is done is atrocious, but understand that you can question it, you can choose to go your own way,

Very rarely does anybody do anything out of the goodness of their heart, it does happen but not often, would you go to a blind dentist? no, so if the person selling the million dollar online business is filming it from their bedroom at their mum's place then walk away, if they didn't manage to make the money, how are you going to?

The same exact theory with the fitness industry, if the person showing you how to exercise is stood in a back garden with an elastic band and doesn't look like they have ever hit a gym, then why listen? why follow?

Same goes for the supplement industry, bright silver packaging names like rage and toxic for pre-workouts, in most cases it's all the same shit inside, trust me, we sell supplements!

My Angle

I want to sell you supplements, that is why I started a company doing so, but I want to sell stuff that works that won't have you chasing the next money making idea to be able to afford it, 

We sell correct dosage strength supplements, meaning that we have made sure through our supplier that our supplements will actually deliver the results we say, on a biological level, however you have to understand that as with all nutrients or substances there is a different rate for different people, so some may need stronger or weaker to achieve the correct result, the dosages we have as recommended have all been tested by us for effect level.

We want you to succeed


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