What is Taurine Amino Acid

Taurine and why you should want it.

Taurine is an essential amino acid,  it can be found naturally in meat, fish and dairy products as well as in human milk,

Due to the rise in popularity of Taurine being added to sports drinks and sports supplements there have been many tests conducted on this amino acid,  from its potential uses within medicine all the way through to its potential performance and sports in enhancing properties.

Several studies have found that when combined with Caffeine it can increase endurance and and concentration, this can of course be a symptom of caffeine providing more alertness and the fact that Taurine acts a neurotransmitter in the brain..

However we as Bodybuilders and Sports People are looking for performance enhancing properties, such as endurance and speed and strength, well Taurine does not disappoint there either, several studies have shown that Taurine can enhance cardiovascular output and with the increased focus and nervous system stimulation strength under load can also increase.

We at GF Pharma realise that these days it is impossible to walk into any store without being surrounded with drinks containing Taurine, and this is something that you should take seriously if you are going to supplement with this amino acid, the recommended daily dose is only 58mg, most energy drinks start at a 1000mg and some exceed 3000mg, care should be taken to monitor the intake of this amino acid as although the safe dosage level is set at a relatively high 3000mg it is easily possible to exceed this with just one drink.

Taurine has been added to the 80% Diet Whey for several reasons, firstly if you are using the 80% Diet Whey protein you are likely to be in a cutting phase of your diet regime, lack of calories can lead to “fog” in the brain and lack of concentration, Taurine has been shown to help with this, secondly it has been found that Taurine not only reduced the HGL and Triglyceride in obese patients but stimulated the ability to mobilse fat stores for energy, thus more energy and less fat, and thirdly because it perfectly compliments your workouts and dieting efforts.

There are no reported side effects from the use of Taurine as a supplement although you should always exercise caution when increasing on Amino Acid over all the others as the nitrogen balance can be thrown off, and it has been shown in children to stunt growth if Taurine is taken in large amounts.

Energy drinks can have many adverse side effects due to the high Caffeine and sugar content, you have to remember that these ingredients are cheap and companies will use them to boost the feeling that you get from a drink just to increase sales.

Shaking and trembling is not an indication that you are ready for a workout, it is an indication that there is something wrong, all our products are designed to work not just make you feel like it is working.